The average cost of skylight replacement is $1,600. Skylight replacement costs range from $900-$2,300 when professionally installed.

That comprises of a new window, in addition to sealing possible changes to the opening itself. Weather or in correct installation could cause costly damage. The cost range for skylight repair is very broad, from replacing a failing crank handle to completely replacing an existing skylight with a new one and maybe upgrading the skylight.

You are going to discover that the cost to replace an average skylight is subject to the type, it’s size, material, finish-quality, and features. The replacement cost additionally depends on the roofs opening and structure condition, the kind of roof and roofing, and labor rates.

When the seal around your window is faulty, you’ll have to have it replaced. Older products might be grounds for a newer energy-efficient model with an improved seal. Less maintenance in the future is going to balance out high installation costs.

Skylight Glass Replacement Cost

Replacing just the glass usually costs between $300 – $800, including the labor. Dual- or triple-paned windows are going to be on the higher-end of that range.

Inclement weather or a tree branch plunging through your window could cause one of the panes to break. In situation, a professional is going to need to replace the glass.

Subject to the product, replacing it can be expensive since a professional might to remove the entire skylight for replacing the pane. Get estimates first. When the cost is too expensive, it could be easier to just fully replace it rather than only changing out the glass or just one the panes.

Repair or Replace Costs Factors

Factors that are going to impact the cost of skylight repairs comprise of:

  • Kind of skylight
  • The size of the opening, glass, and its frame
  • Access to the skylight
  • Location of the leak(s)
  • The roofs pitch
  • The number of services the contractor is able to complete at once.

The complete repair cost of $385 – $1,150 could change based on a lot of factors. Whereas the size of the opening won’t affect that price considerably, other factor (such as accessibility) can significantly increase the cost. Most professionals offer prices depending on particular repairs, but you can expect a bill of $35 – $65 each hour including materials.

Sealing & Weather-proofing Skylights

Weather-proofing a fixed or ventilating skylight cost between $100 – $800. Since year-round exposure to the elements, this kind of window requires regular maintenance to guarantee it is able to keep the weather at bay. Disregarding it could mean allowing chilly air inside, increased heating bills or leaks that are going to expose the interior of your home to water damage. Tubular skylights might require minor weather-proofing, but the costs are usually below $200.

Other Things to Think About and Costs

  • Taxes and permit fees aren’t included.
  • Presume 1 sq. ft. of skylight for each 20 sq. ft. of floor space

DIY Considerations

  • The work might not be appropriate for DIY.
  • Skylights are mounted within the roof structure making a high degree of skill necessary for installation.
  • The work is atop ladders, scaffolding, and the roof that is going to increase safety risks.

Insurance Coverage

Homeowner’s insurance might cover your leaking roof window but only when you can prove it was caused naturally. A lot of policies cover Inclement weather or a falling tree branch. Normal usage on the skylight, such as older flashing, is more common and needs come from your pocket. Speak to your insurance agent when you are experiencing a leak.

Skylight repairs and replacements are seldom covered by homeowners insurance since these projects fall into the same grouping as window replacements. When skylight damage happens suddenly, nevertheless—such as during a severe weather occurrence—and develops an emergency in the home, insurance coverage might kick in.

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