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If you are looking for tubular skylights pros & cons, this article will help! We are going to lay out the pros and cons of tubular skylights/solar tubes and can assist you in deciding if installing them is a good investment for your business or home.

Tubular Skylights Pros & Cons

Tubular skylights allow natural light to travel through a solar tube and that provides natural daylight in your business or home. Featuring durable and impact design in just a single piece. Tubular skylights require no maintenance or repairs! They increase the amount of light they collect and at the same time filter our UV rays that are not only harmful but can fade your furniture or clothing. Tubular skylights do not contribute to the gathering of heat in your home in the way traditional skylights that have to close and open do.

Pros Of Tubular Skylights.

  • Almost no maintenance or repairs.
  • A featured preferred upgrade by Realtors when selling your home.
  • They do not require major construction and cost less to install than traditional style skylights.
  • Blocking out lights in rooms designed for entertainment can be achieved with dimmer switches.
  • Damage and leak-proof design.
  • Save money on electricity by lighting your home or office.
  • A natural source of daylight with zero glare or heat gain.
  • No loss of heating or cooling energy.
  • Quality built construction made with Arizona temperature extremes in mind.
  • Water condensation will not build over time.
  • Your clothing or furniture will not fade.
  • You can lower the cost of installation and receive federal tax credits.

Cons Of Tubular Skylights.

  • A direct look to the sky s not offered by tubular skylights.
  • Traditional skylights can be opened, tubular skylights can not.
  • Traditional skylights are less expensive to install than tubular skylights.
  • If someone tries to custom install, roof leaks may result from damaged flashing.
  • Incapable of blocking out light in rooms designed for entertainment unless a dimmer kit has been installed.
  • Not every tubular skylight is made for the extremes of temperatures.

Traditional Skylight Pros & Cons

Solar tubes or tubular skylights differ from traditional skylights because they are a simple window allowing the sun to pass through. In basic terms, it comprises of a framed piece of glass that can open and close on the top of your roof.

Pros Of Traditional Skylights

  • Traditional skylights can manually closed or open, unlike solar tubes.
  • They can be used for ventilation purposes.
  • Can be left closed or open.
  • Traditional skylights allow natural daylight into your office or home.

Cons Of Traditional Skylights

  • Traditional skylights leak over time and the sun remains unfiltered.
  • Contribute to the gain of heat in your home.
  • Can waste heating and cooling energy.
  • Causes sun glare.
  • Costs more to install than tubular skylights due to roof work, framing, and the required repainting.
  • Unfiltered sunlight can fade color on clothes and furniture.
  • Built from multiple parts leaving them susceptible to leaks, damage, and breakage.

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